RSS Guard 3.4.1 Crack

RSS Guard 3.4.1 Crack Free Download Latest Version

RSS Guard 3.4.1 Crack Full Version is a straightforward (yet effective) feed readers. With the ability to fetch the highest feed formats, including RSS/RDF and ATOM. It’s free, it’s open-source.

RSS Guard 3.4.1 Crack

RSS Guard presently supports Czech, Nederlander, British, French, German, Italian. RSS Guard won’t ever rely on other services – including online news aggregators like Feedly, That Old reader yet others. RSS Guard is developed on the top from the Qt library also it supports these Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP and newer
  • GNU/Linux
  • OS/2 (eComStation)
  • Mac OS X
  • xBSD (possibly)
  • Android (possibly)
  • other platforms supported by Qt

The core features of RSS Guard are:

  • support for online feed synchronization via plugins,
  • Small Small RSS (from RSS Guard 3..).
  • multiplatform,
  • support for those feed formats,
  • simplicity,
  • import/export of feeds to/from OPML 2.,
  • downloader with own tab and support for approximately 6 parallel downloads,
  • message filter with regular expressions,
  • feed metadata fetching including icons,
  • simple Adblock functionality,
  • customized popup notifications,
  • Google-based auto-completion for internal internet browser location bar,
  • capability to cleanup internal message database with assorted options,
  • enhanced feed auto-updating with separate time times,
  • multiple data backend support,
  • SQLite (in-memory DBs too),
  • MySQL.
  • has the capacity to specify target database by its name (MySQL backend),
  • “portable” mode support with clever auto-recognition,
  • feed categorization,
  • drag-n-drop for feed list,
  • automatic looking for updates,
  • capability to uncover existing eats websites,
  • full support of podcasts (both RSS & ATOM),
  • capability to backup/restore database or settings,
  • fully-featured trash can,
  • printing of messages and then any webpages,
  • could be fully controlled via keyboard,
  • feed authentication (Digest-MD5, Fundamental, NTLM-2),
  • handles a lot of messages & feeds,
  • sweet look & feel,
  • fully adjustable toolbars (changeable buttons and elegance),
  • capability to look for updates on all platforms self-updating on Home windows,
  • hideable primary menu, toolbars and list headers,
  • KFeanza-based default icon theme capability to make your own icon styles,
  • fully skinnable interface capability to make your own skins,
  • “newspaper” view,
  • lots of skins,
  • support for “feed://” URI plan,
  • capability to hide listing of feeds/groups,
  • open-source development model according to GNU GPL license, version 3,
  • tabbed interface,
  • integrated internet browser with adjustable behavior exterior browser support,
  • internal Internet browser mouse gestures support,
  • desktop integration via tray icon,
  • localizations with a languages,
  • Qt library may be the only dependency,
  • open-source development model and friendly author awaiting your feedback,
  • no ads, no hidden costs.

Changes in RSS Guard v3.4.1:


  • Toolbar editor can reset toolbars.
  • Toolbar editor now uses iconified tool buttons.
  • Double click on feed or trash can products in feeds list now opens all messages from the item in newspaper mode.
  • Posts in message list could be hidden/proven/reordered with the context menu.
  • Auto-update notification has become switchable.
  • Messages which aren’t removed or restored aren’t instantly deleted from the list, they’re strikes-through rather. This really is more resource friendly.
  • Message list has become not reloaded when you are performing batch message operations.
  • Message list SQL queries are actually fully adjustable. This allows for the integration of labels functionality later on.
  • Auto-update status of feeds has become more general and finish.
  • Display feed title in the listing of messages.
  • Displayed feeds are now able to sort by multiple posts. Would you like to sort by author, after which by title? Just click first “Title” column, after that time “Author” column. Should you hold CTRL during sorting, the type is performed backward column order.

Screenshots of RSS Guard 3.4.1:-

RSS Guard 3.4.1 Crack


  • Updating of RSS Guard now uses GitHub API. (issue #109)
  • Better ATOM/RSSparsing, respects now XML namespaces, bit better link parsing along with other stuff.
  • The folder which holds SQL scripts got renamed to “SQL”.
  • Tweaked some conditions for figuring out recently “updated” messages in ATOM format.


  • Tab not closing after close button click Mac OS X.
  • Wrong tab bar item close button position on Mac OS X.
  • Settings and database are actually kept in more standard directories on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed regression when restoring deleted messages.
  • Crash in TT-RSS WordPress plugin on application exit, when TT-RSS user must be logged out.

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